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Hello, and Welcome to "The Home of the Oilers".
This site is dedicated to the WHA Alberta/Edmonton Oilers of the long departed World Hockey Association.

5/22/08: Pardon our dust! A much needed facelift and update for the site is being started and hopefully will be completed by the end of the summer. I am trying to make things a little easier to read, and hopefully add some new content as well.

3/5/07: Home of the Oilers is back!!!! Lots of things have happened in the last 6 months including losing the server I was on, the birth of my daughter Mackenzie, and a new project. For the last few years I have written game reports, player evaluations, etc. on the Detroit Red Wings prospects in Grand Rapids Michigan for another website. Due to some differences in direction I have gone out on my own and started a new site: www.griffinscentral.com. I hope to balance updating this site during the offseason to keep the content new and relevant as it becomes available. Thanks for your patience.

2/8/06: I hooked up with an Edmonton resident who has been a collector since day one, named Bruce, who I am working on exchanging information with. He has already been kind enough to send me some scans of things, and is looking for more. Stay tuned as that information becomes available.

2/8/06: A huge thank you to Curtis Walker of the Winnipeg Jets Memorial Page who sent me 491 Oiler's box scores. The even nicer thing he did, was to send them to me as HTML, with my site's background color already on them. Thanks again Curtis!

2/8/06: I have added some new pictures, most notably a 1977-78 team picture, a very rare scan of Gary Doyle in his one Edmonton appearance, and a picture of Dale McMullin.

2/8/06: Sorry for the lack of updates, I had not been feeling well for quite a while which led to some particularly nasty surgery in November which I am just now recovering from. I actually had some some time to go through things that had stacked up, and expect updates to come a little faster for a while. While I was out, I was contacted by former Oiler Murray Kennett, the family of Pierre Guite, and a friend of Ian Wilkie. Thanks for the contacts, I hope to get up to doing some interviews soon to post to the site.

7/20/05: Original Oiler Bill Hicke passed away yesterday, Home Of The Oilers passes on its condolences to his family and friends. Anyone with memories of Bill feel free to post them in the Guestbook section of the site.

7/13/05: Added a guestbook, so feel free to start using it. Also have made contact with former oiler Ken Broderick, and hope to be able to add an interview soon.

9/27/04: Byron Schmuland an old Oilers fan just sent me a huge box full of programs, scrapbooks, autographs, and other odd and ends. Lots of newspaper clippings and photos to be gone through. A big thank you to Byron!

9/25/04: 1975-76 color team picture added.

9/9/04: 1978-79 Team Picture and color 1974-75 team pictures added.

9/9/04: Numbers for Howard colborne and Gary Doyle. Thanks to Joseph Nieforth for the research to come up with this information.

9/4/04: Home of the Oilers send its sincerest sympathies and regrets to the family and friends of former Oiler captain Paul Shmyr who lost his battle with cancer over the weekend.

7/1/04: A special thanks to Scott Surgent, Author of "The Complete Historical and Statistical Reference to the World Hockey Association" for sending me a gratis copy of the 6th edition. The first edition of this wonderful book was what started me researching the WHA, and in particular this website. Please visit http://www.xalerpress.com to purchase your own copy. If you want to know about the WHA, it's all there.

4/1/04: 1973-74 Box Scores. Thanks to James Yolkowski for sending me the balance of the 1973-74 Box Scores.

1/27/04: Various information added. Special thanks to Ron Townsend for sending me another parcel of photocopies from Canadien newspapers some of the background material has been invaluable to this site.

5/27/03: Paul Hurley. Thanks to Marcus Lindroos for sending me the great picture of Paul Hurley from the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, France.

1/6/03: Bernie Blanchette. Thanks to Byron Schmuland for providing the picture of Bernie Blanchette, and the newspaper article regarding his trade from Chicago to Edmonton.

1/5/03: New Boxscores. A great Christmas present from my wife a stack of 73-74 Hockey news magazines have allowed me to add about 15 new boxscores. I am sure there will be plenty of gems to unearth once I read them.

12/12/02: Gary Doyle. Thanks to James Karkoski for providing the 1/18/74 boxscore. This was the only game that goalie Gary Doyle played in. I knew that it was sometime in January from an interview I did with Mr. Doyle a few years ago, but was never able to pin it down until now.

12/03/02: Site Makeover. A long overdue site makeover was complete today, the biggest change is the adding of a menu frame on the left hand side, to make navigation easier.

12/01/02: The entire 1978-79 Season's boxscores have been added to the site. You can access these boxscores by choosing the "Game by Game" option from the menu at left, or by clicking on the number of games from "Year by Year" menu. Special thanks to John Hopkins for photocopying all the 1978-79 WHA Boxscores for me.

Coming Soon: I have begun work on Player biographies, and hope to start posting them in the next few months. If you have any information or stories about former Oilers please feel free to contact me at SJMIS@Iserv.net.

I am still looking for Boxscores from the 1974-75, 1975-76, 1976-77, and 1977-78 seasons. If you have copies of these box scores and would be willing to help, let me know.

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