Name: Murray Kennett (Oiler Alumni)
Location: Victoria, B.C.

Name: Dan Dell Agnese
Location: Winnipeg
Comments: What a great find! It brought back a flood of memories growing up in Edmonton following the Oilers (Alberta and Edmonton versions). Watching their first televised game against the Ottawa Civics. Coloured pucks.Games at the Edmonton Gardens and in the new Colesium (thanks Wild Bill).

Name: Steve
Location: British Columbia
Comments: Great site, so far.It is a great thing to keep history live.

Name: Chris Nielson
Location: Red Deer
Comments: one of the most interesting sites of seen in a long time. learned lot's like i had no idea jaques plante had played for the oilers. excellent job!!!

Name: TY VC
Location: Melfort, SK
Comments: This website is cool. Im a big oiler fan and it is cool to see the history of the team.

Name: Clifford Crane
Location: Yorktown, Saskatchewan
Comments: Wow! Do I feel old or what ! He Hee He! What a site, I\'ve seen these guys in the \"gardens\" and the opening of the Colleseum. Excellent site. Nice work! And hello to all Oiler fans of the infancy years! I\'m still and always will be an Oiler fan. I was there when we one the cups. Very exciting!

Name: Mark Kalmbach
Location: Edmonton
Comments: I just picked up the DVD called \"The WHA Chronicles\" and am thoroughly enjoying the trip down memory lane.

My first live hockey game was when my Dad took me to watch the Oilers play the Winnpeg Jets at the Edmonton Coliseum. I also remembered that the Oilers had won the game by a score of 10-2. I remember cheering for Ron Chipperfield because two girls in the row ahead of us were doing it. They would turn around and smile because I was copying them. (I always had a thing for nice looking girls)

I was eight years old.

Now, almost thirty years later, your website has shown me that not only was I at that particular game, but that it took place on May 18, 1979, and was Game 5 of the Avco Cup Finals! I had no idea!

The sixth and final game of the series was included on this DVD. Little did I know that I actually attended the second-last WHA in history! Imagine my surprise!

Thank you for having this website for all of us hockey nerds out there. I\'m convinced that because of that WHA Oilers game, I am still a diehard Oilers fan to this very day.

Wait\'ll I tell my Dad!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Yours truly, Mark Kalmbach (37 years young)

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