#31 Ed Mio

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Born: Windsor, Ontario 1/31/54

7th Rnd Choice 1974 draft Chicago Blackhawks

Regular season Playoffs
1972-73Colorado College WCHA 230000
1973-74Colorado College WCHA 130000
1974-75Colorado College WCHA 210000
1975-76Colorado College WCHA 340000
1976-77Tidewater Sharks SHL 190000
1976-77Erie Blades NAHL 170000 20000
1977-78Hampton Gulls AHL 190000
1977-78Indianapolis Racers WHA 170000 
1978-79Indianapolis Racers WHA 50000 
1978-79Edmonton Oilers WHA 220112  30000
1978-79Dallas Blackhawks CHL 70000
1979-80Edmonton Oilers NHL 340114 
1980-81Edmonton Oilers NHL 430556 
1981-82Wichita Wind CHL 110000
1981-82New York Rangers NHL 250000 80000
1982-83New York Rangers NHL 250000 80000
1983-84Adirondack Red Wings AHL 40000
1983-84Detroit Red Wings NHL 240000 10000
1984-85Detroit Red Wings NHL 70000
1984-85Adirondack Red Wings AHL 330000
1985-86Detroit Red Wings NHL 180000
1985-86Adirondack Red Wings AHL 80000
Goaltending StatsRegular Season Playoffs
1972-73Colorado College WCHA236705.400 
1973-74Colorado College WCHA134724.900 
1974-75Colorado College WCHA213.950 
1975-76Colorado College WCHA34151814.240 
1976-77Tidewater Sharks SHL193.531 
1976-77Erie Blades NAHL173.270 2016.000
1977-78Hampton Gulls AHL195903.352 
1977-78Indianapolis Racers WHA176804.270 
1978-79Indianapolis Racers WHA52203.221 
1978-79Edmonton Oilers WHA2271003.991 3004.00 0
1978-79Dallas Black Hawks CHL74303.540 
1979-80Edmonton Oilers NHL3491354.211 
1980-81Edmonton Oilers NHL43161593.890 
1981-82Wichita Wind CHL113804.200 
1981-82New York Rangers NHL2513653.560 8433.790
1982-83New York Rangers NHL41161863.452 8534.000
1983-84Adirondack Red Wings AHL41122.640 
1983-84Detroit Red Wings NHL2471134.401 1012.860
1984-85Detroit Red Wings NHL71324.310 
1984-85Adirondack Red Wings AHL33191213.752 
1985-86Detroit Red Wings NHL182706.320 
1985-86Adirondack Red Wings AHL84133.940 

Acquired Traded to Edmonton Oilers by Indianapolis Racers with Pete Driscoll and Wayne Gretzky for Cash 11/78.
LostReclaimed by Minnesota North Stars from Edmonton Oilers prior to NHL Expansion Draft 6/9/79.
Reacquired Claimed as Priority Selection by Edmonton Oilers in NHL Expansion Draft 6/9/79.
LostTraded to New York Rangers by Edmonton Oilers for Lance Nethery 12/11/81.

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